30 May 2008

invited guest: Micke Berg

Once again I am very proud to present Micke Berg and some of his fascinating and inspiring photograph's. I strongly recommend all the F blog readers to check out his many photobooks – my personal favourite is Stockholm blues.

If you are in Stockholm during 6-8 June don't miss Micke Berg's exhibition "No Comments"- perhaps the most dark, beautiful and sensual exhibition in and about Stockholm ever. It's on Cafe Spuntino, Erstagatan 9. Vernissage: Friday 6 June, 13.00 – 17.00.

Please also search for Micke Berg's earlier posts on the F blog and visit his homepage. And if you can read Swedish – don't miss his blog!

All photograph's by Micke Berg
. Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Anonymous said...

I am looking at the picture - doors with white circles-the face behind the glass-the woman passing through
I can definitely relate to that-november mood-commuter life
well, this is great photography of one of today´s most interesting photographers in the kingdom

Anonymous said...

Du gör din egna attityd så tydlig i bilderna. Ja synlig känsla och frågan har ni sett att..?

By walking about in the city early and late, you caught the moments.

Perhaps prepared and unsurprised ;) as the picture method.

Very very good ofcourse!

br said...

very intense visual experience...there is a resonance with inexplicable moments.
excellent and the website images are amazing.

Anonymous said...


Rhonda Boocock said...

The picture that fascinated me the most was the last one...the street with the wavy lines...beautiful! All the photos are wonderful!

Mikael said...

Always a pleasure to see your work and to have you here on da fblog as guest!