28 November 2006

Morning Shower in Dublin

I'm thinking about showing a difficult period, and my photography during that period. These are pictures I've avoided for the last few years. Getting distance to your emotional photos are necessary to be able to view them more objectively. If that is ever possible.

Maybe, still collecting some courage.


I often get rather low while travelling. I get too much time to think I guess. When I went home to my home town for christmas last year I started to take photos out of the bus-window. As a way to keep my thoughts under control, or as a kind of therapy if you like. When I developed the rolls I thought the photos quite well captured the feeling I was trying to avoid. Since I rather have them on film then in my head I've kept photographing while travelling ever since. These are from 4th of March 2006.

to be continued...

©markus andersson

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In passing

Peter Burda: how an angel learns to fly

on special request Peter presents whole his series How an angel learns to fly (ako sa učí anjel lietať) on F blog.

the inscenation, the magic of the unseen, something that hangs in the air. this world of the irreal is connected with the world of values, with the world of meaning. i seek for austerity here, naivety of the expression, photographic simplicity. the enlargements are created through application of photographic emulsion on aquarelle paper, toned by black ceylon tea. inspired by the works of duane michals. the text is an organic element of the work here.lesson 1: angel fresh(right-handed)man gets dressed appropriately. he puts on his wings, if he hasn’t grown the ones of his own. he finds a peaceful place. stands still. breathes deeply. beginners may wear a watch with the air pressure gauge. he calms his mind. thinks of only one thing : "i want to fly !"

lesson 2: it is a mistake (and it happens to all beginners) if one tries to beat one’s hand-wings when taking off. this is not the way to fly. it is necessary to stand still. breathe deeply. calm one’s mind. raise one’s head. think of only one thing : "i want to fly". voila ! and hand-wings begin to move powered by an invisible faith-power.

lesson 3: can you hear that peculiar sound ? can you feel that distinct scent as if there was something in the air ? does every cell in your body vibrate ? are you looking at your body from up above ? with a perspective ? if a pupil answers all of these questions ‘yes’, he has just learned the basics of angel-flying. if he can not answer them yet, he should start all over again. by lesson 1.

lesson 4: it happens more or less all the time. right after the first take off. angel-disjoint. then the student of flying has a short while to make the decision. will i be the right or the left angel ? the former ones remain here forever. the latter ones only appear in this world from time to time... make the right decision and with the perspective! but, watch out! you have only one try !

lesson 5 : angel-flying is a natural thing. but it is not easy at all. if a student does not believe that he is an angel-fluid, ....he will crash! into a tree, wall, chimney, into a beautiful woman. so the basis for successful flying is faith. only those who believe can fly free.

lesson 6: all those who have seen a flying angel will agree, that: if they sneeze, start to laugh out loud, or light a cigarette, the angel will vanish. if they do not believe that he is an angel, most probably he really is not one. only those who believe, will really see the angel. ... i almost forgot the students ... when in residential areas, we fly at the max. speed of 5 miles/thought. outside residential areas it is 17 miles/thought.

lesson 7: mastering angel-flying is a basic prerequisite for a student applying for a job at the holy angel-club . after completion of 300 flying hours he may start doing his first good deed. the bad deeds do not count. there comes the angel-light.

lesson 8: after the first angel-deeds there comes gratification into the angel’s soul. false or genuine. the false gratification is the satisfaction with oneself: i can fly, i do good deeds. angel – the false gratifier is not concerned with the essence of his doings, but rather the doings themselves. he does not give a damn what the being he appears to thinks. a false peace comes to the soul of such angel. he is handsome, good and handsome, but that is all.
lesson 9: … here, dear students, we recognize two kinds of gratification : false and genuine. the genuine gratification comes through the being to which the angel appears. angel – the genuine gratifier then radiates a light. the genuine peace and joy of the well done job sets in the soul of such angel. good luck

The man in black is back

Invited guest: Lasse Mellberg

Flowers, copper gravure

I like Lasse Mellberg. But we have only met once in real life. It was
in Uppsala
when F put the 9 visions 9 photographers exhibition on
I think I like him even more after that short encounter at the

His love of photography, his passion and devotion was speaking
to me from his photographs, long before we met. Those two eyes
looking back at you from a picture. You can get to know a person
quite well through his or hers pictures. If it is the real thing.
Lasse is the real thing.

Invited by Ulf Fågelhammar.

"In 1994 I was visiting the Royal Society in Bath to study
photo gravures. In the same place they hold a big collection
of Julia Margret Camerons work. I was amazed....

Since I am working as a teacher in different old printing
techniques I work slowly with my own projects. I have an
old Sinar Norma with a lot of light leaks but it works using
a simple lens and the 5X7 size of film. The negative size allows
me to use them in different old contact copying processes.

The portraits are taken with long intervals. I meet somebody
that I like or who inspires me to make a portrait. Long exposure
time 2 - 6 seconds gives a feeling of time. I sometimes show them
with different names or with poems from Gunnar Ekelöf -
a fascinating Swedish poet."

Lasse Mellberg



Annelie van Dyke

Anna van Dyke

©Lasse Mellberg