21 January 2007

Black & White winter

I am always glad to receive email from Benny because I know he will attach
some fine pictures. Benny is a
"bleking", remember Jeanne? They are the
neighbours of the "skåningar". /urbano

This is what Benny says:

"Twelve months ago we had a Black & White Winter
here in southern Sweden. Perhaps it was the last one
in case the global heating is escalating. I like snow
in pictures, old motifs suddenly change and present
themselves as something different."

all pictures by ©Benny Persson

invited guest: Carlos Morales-Mengotti (part two)

local hangout of 1939

Creator: Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910- -- Photographer
[African Americans conversing and drinking beers in a bar,
Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta, November 1939.]

Farm Security Administration Collection.
Created Date: November 1939

Found at NYPL Digital Gallery

I decided to go to Spain...

...during Christmas so I took some days off from work
and found a cheap one-way ticket to Barcelona.
This time
we lived more central and I actually started to find my way
the city, but the days went so fast and before i knew
it I had to get on the
bus to travel on to Madrid. But the visit
left me with a desire to return soon.

/Örjan Fredriksson

All pictures©Örjan Fredriksson

one day she was just sitting there...

picture by © Joakim Ahnfelt

this is my job - pictures by Bengt Björkbom

There are a couple of great subjects flying around on the blog
right now; "the local hangout" (wow!) and "this is my job" (!)
Do something about it then, you say. Well I wrote to Bengt
who is a great man and an excellent photographer and asked
him to share some of his pictures of people at work.

all pictures ©Bengt Björkbom

Carmen - the local hangout

Invited guest: Werner Heyckendorff

I grew up in an area that looked pretty much like this, and still looks. I'm infact sitting in my childhood house writing this. When I found Werners photos they struck me with a great sense of lost times, or to use the words of Werner him self, they triggered some chrystal clear memories.
invited by Markus Andersson
* * *
My photographs mainly revolve around the concept of memorization and perception. Most people know the feeling when a piece of music, a smell or, more rarely, a sight triggers an overwhelmingly clear piece of memory. These moments differ from the ordinary way of remembering things by the way they subconsciously emerge from hidden parts of the memory.
In my own case, these clear memories are always followed by a bittersweet melancholic feeling. Not as a sentimental longing for long gone moments, but more as a reminder of the ever decreasing amount of time from the present to the day of my death.

If I should mention one photographic goal of mine, it would be to produce a picture that would be able to trigger one of those crystal clear memories.
* * *
Werner Heyckendorff
* * *
Even the most crowded places have moments of absolutely emptiness.

invited guest: Carlos Morales-Mengotti (part one)

Some years ago I found the work of Carlos Morales-Mengotti. I especially
remember some excellent pictures from Madrid.
His coming exhibition is
called Ghosts.
Carlos says: "This series of photographs is called "Ghosts"
and will be in my next
exhibition and 39 of them were bought by a Museum
in Madrid.
The Exhibition will have 71 photographs. Why I call the series
"Ghosts" is because I think of them as revenants of my past.

It´s a pleasure to have Carlos Morales-Mengotti here on the F Blog.
Please check out Carlos site as well.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

all photos © Carlos Morales-Mengotti