21 January 2007

Invited guest: Werner Heyckendorff

I grew up in an area that looked pretty much like this, and still looks. I'm infact sitting in my childhood house writing this. When I found Werners photos they struck me with a great sense of lost times, or to use the words of Werner him self, they triggered some chrystal clear memories.
invited by Markus Andersson
* * *
My photographs mainly revolve around the concept of memorization and perception. Most people know the feeling when a piece of music, a smell or, more rarely, a sight triggers an overwhelmingly clear piece of memory. These moments differ from the ordinary way of remembering things by the way they subconsciously emerge from hidden parts of the memory.
In my own case, these clear memories are always followed by a bittersweet melancholic feeling. Not as a sentimental longing for long gone moments, but more as a reminder of the ever decreasing amount of time from the present to the day of my death.

If I should mention one photographic goal of mine, it would be to produce a picture that would be able to trigger one of those crystal clear memories.
* * *
Werner Heyckendorff
* * *
Even the most crowded places have moments of absolutely emptiness.


Anonymous said...

Werner definatley succeeds, a wonderful collection of images.

F said...

Yes, it surely evokes such memories. :) Not always positive memories, to me I feel trapped by this environment. *lol*

Great photos Werner!

Jeanette said...

As houses and area those brick houses are so far away from my own childhood but i can clearly see the point. The colour here looks like a film that been developed wrong... or old images which you find in a box. In the sense of bringing out memory´s it´s perfect.


Anonymous said...

strong impact indeed
Markus has invented the theory of
how to make a picture of something boring (dull) without making a boring(dull)picture
Well, you know how to do it Werner
good stuff!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This rocks! Really good material!

Werner Heyckendorff said...

Thanks all.
Glad to hear that my pictures work as intented.

When you try to capture a specific personal feeling and make it visible to others, it's always a risk that nobody but you can see the point.

Jeanette...it actually is an dia positive film developed as an ordinary negativa film. To be more specific an Kodak Ektacrome 320T (E6) devoloped as C41.