21 January 2007

Black & White winter

I am always glad to receive email from Benny because I know he will attach
some fine pictures. Benny is a
"bleking", remember Jeanne? They are the
neighbours of the "skåningar". /urbano

This is what Benny says:

"Twelve months ago we had a Black & White Winter
here in southern Sweden. Perhaps it was the last one
in case the global heating is escalating. I like snow
in pictures, old motifs suddenly change and present
themselves as something different."

all pictures by ©Benny Persson


Jeanette said...

Lovely photos and snow is exactly what we wanna have. Like them


Anonymous said...

beautiful and honest images ..

Anonymous said...

Great as always Benny!

I like these very much.

Anonymous said...

tell Benny I love him!!!
I am ill, which is why no one is hearing from me. Except Benny, whose snow photos I adore.