21 January 2007

I decided to go to Spain...

...during Christmas so I took some days off from work
and found a cheap one-way ticket to Barcelona.
This time
we lived more central and I actually started to find my way
the city, but the days went so fast and before i knew
it I had to get on the
bus to travel on to Madrid. But the visit
left me with a desire to return soon.

/Örjan Fredriksson

All pictures©Örjan Fredriksson


Ulf said...

I feel at home in your pictures- and in Barcelona.

Jeanette said...

Si, conozco este cuidad, como un segundo casa al propio hogar.


christofer said...

Wonderful photos Örjan!

Barcelona is one of the citys that is in top of my wishing list!

joanna said...

i love the last the most. great series!!!!!!