25 May 2007

My hometown

Gruppo F exhibition opening tomorrow

Tom and Jeanne celebrating with coffee

The F people often talk about their fabulous guest, but this time let´s focus
on a couple of great photographers being part of Gruppo F. They are
Tom Holmlund from Eskilstuna, Sweden and Jeanne Wells from Portland,
Maine, USA.

Tomorrow we will all go to Eskilstuna and the beautiful Form&Färg gallery
situated just ten minutes walk from the railway station. Have a look at the
map and type Eskilstuna, Bruksgatan 6 and you will be sure to find it.
If you are travelling from Stockholm there are trains departing at 10 55
and 12 55. The trip is just one hour.

This is the second time Tom and Jeanne show their work together. First
time was the "Personal Chemistry"-exhibition in 2005. But this time you
will also have a chance to meet Jeanne Wells in person. Don´t miss that

I am really looking forward to this exhibition and I have a feeling that
the two have prepared some outstanding work for us to explore.
Nenne Gulden

stereo: twin'

Warszawa (PL) / Palermo (IT)