01 December 2006

T St Eriksplan


photo: markus andersson

Gruppo F inbox: Lina Nääs

"Little Black Dress"
© Lina Nääs

A Tarkini Doktrina?

If anybody can translate this text about Tarkini, please
don´t hesitate to help us solve the Tarkini case.
I think it is Hungarian and that it speaks about Star Wars?

Dr. F

By the sea

Ulf... I find two legs walkin about in the pictures interesting too

post-Dr T-syndrome...

One can sometimes see them,
the former patients of dr T,
standing in fields.
Empty eyes.
Empty heads.
Wondering if the world ever will be colorful again.
And if Fuglesang has undies of kevlar
or just plain cotton.

Photo: Christofer Grandin

invited Guest: Gerry Johansson

Once again I am proud to present some of Gerry Johansson’s photographs on The F Blog. Below is four pictures from his book Sverige (Sweden, published 2005). Sverige is collection of photographs of Swedish cities and according to me a very fascinating photobook. As I earlier have written Gerry says about his pictures:

I photograph what I find beautiful. It might be a run-down part of the city put up in the seventies, or it may be a romantic landscape view of the countryside. I see my pictures as counterbalancing the images of doom and destruction propagated by the mass media.

Please also look at Gerry Johansson’s other pictures on the blog and also at his own homepage. This serie is also to be continued at The F Blog.

Brålanda © Gerry Johansson.

Charlottenberg © Gerry Johansson.

Höganäs © Gerry Johansson.

Malmberget © Gerry Johansson.
Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Gruppo F inbox: Espen Aasheim

T for...
© Espen Aasheim.

Technical info: Washed down chemical layers, polaroid 600 film.