01 December 2006

A Tarkini Doktrina?

If anybody can translate this text about Tarkini, please
don´t hesitate to help us solve the Tarkini case.
I think it is Hungarian and that it speaks about Star Wars?

Dr. F


Anonymous said...

THE Pinto Doctrinist
THE Pinto Doctrinist according to guides :
" emphasized sectors kialakítása the disorderly systems , which watch and strangle the the rising activities.
THE Emphasized sectors greater military stresses látják off , than the Realm remaining members on the part of. This Imperial presence that's why required , that stops the small riser coteries before then those greater danger növik who themselves.
THE Emphasized sectors conduction singular heads kismet akik straight the Empress respond. Modulated Holonet taxes places everything Emphasized sector pertinent sector zászlóshajójának decking fejleszthetők the communication springs , and the Realm reakcióideje. Similar resources he had placed off the Kaiser zászlóshajóján , and the Imperial In town the Imperial Centric ( pragmatically Coruscant ).
THE Galaxy disobedient erstwhile over check the power truly fear , and not the virtual its power exploit. Probably this Pinto Doctrinist leglényegesebb aspektusa , that's it guideline it had been the background Ann , that the Realm such effective allegories flaunts outfitting and its power , than the Halálcsillag. New and yet ütőképesebb vessel and guns , develop and the with this connections searches continuation , that the capacitive systems terrorism it is designed.

dr X said...

This is HOT
Thanks Anonymous
This does not make sense
but there are clues
"The emphasized sectors conduction singular heads" Hmmm
"which watch and strangle the the
rising activities" hmmm
There will be work all weekend for F
(decryption departement)