01 December 2006

post-Dr T-syndrome...

One can sometimes see them,
the former patients of dr T,
standing in fields.
Empty eyes.
Empty heads.
Wondering if the world ever will be colorful again.
And if Fuglesang has undies of kevlar
or just plain cotton.

Photo: Christofer Grandin


Gilbert G. said...

Who is this Dr T? I have seen a lot of things about him on the blog but frankly, I do not have a clue about who he is and what he has to do with all this?

By the way, nice picture, but perhaps somewhat dark? At least it look so to me. The text is strange.

Dr Semmelweis said...

perfect, perfect
we all want to know more about dr T, not to mention what happened to his patients
you give us some clues
And Fuglesang, yeah throw him some knäckebröd

mats äleklint said...

Yes, Dr. T has a very strange impact on people.. Their lifes have changed completely.

6 days left for fuglesang take-off, hope he makes it!

Like the picture, christoffer!


gilbert G. said...

By the way, strange things are good things. But I still wonder who Dr T is, he sounds interesting, or what should I say.

abeku said...

LOL, you have a good sense of humor Mr C! Superb!

F said...

Undies of kevlar - wow! Do the come in Gore-tex to?

I like the name Fugelsang, it´s like birdsong in spring to me..

Jeanette said...

Ha ha - this is weird and cool Christofer... Great