10 March 2008

Postcard from: Yngveland

another mobile home

Photo: Ulla Larsson

mobile home

Photo: Markus Jenemark

Postcard from: Uppsala

invited guest (docu 08): Kevin C. Downs

This work is of the Chinese New Year's parade in New York's Chinatown. A community that was devastated after 9/11 and is slowly bouncing back. They are part of a series of ongoing projects I am working on about the disenfranchised working class of New York City and their struggles to survive in a hostile environment that is ravaged by high rents, high cost of food and lack of services. In my projects, I try to always show the dignity of the people I am shooting and make you feel that you are in their presence and you can hear them share their stories of their life with you.

Kevin C. Downs
invited by Joanna


Photographer: GC

Postcard from: an undisclosed location

photo submitted by Nurse Rabbit, who is on safari in a very dangerous place which cannot be revealed.

Postcard from: Maine

photo: jeanne wells

postcards from: Gliwice

you may think this is an obsession, no this is almost my home now :)

postcard from: Stockholm

Inviting you to send postcards from the city, town or village where you live. So, no postcards from your holidays, please. This project will be labelled "postcard from:" and will probably exist as long as the F blog exists? Stay tuned to F - the world wide channel.


Photographer: Raùl Ortega


photographer: Agnieszka Gomolla


Photo: Tatiana Bitir

Someone to lean on

William Schmidt on Kerouac's road (3)

continuation of Bill Schmidt's saga from 1975; see also William essay about those pictures