02 May 2007

In A Row

Picture by Edward Hahn

Gruppof Inbox: Ulf Börjesson

Video Photography Stockholm, VIPS

The Sally Mann exhibition in Kulturhuset is closing this week and has
scored a record of around 90 000 visitors. It´s the most visited
exhibition of photography in Sweden so far.

Kulturhuset wants to create a large meeting point for photography in
Stockholm and are concentrating large parts of its exhibition activities
on photography and video art through the platform VIPS (Video Photography

We have seen e.g. "Walker Evans meets Sune Jonsson" in
Kulturhuset last summer and coming up during 2007-2008 are
among others Nan Goldin, Martin Parr and Nobuyoshi Araki.

www.kulturhuset.se (also in English)

Nurse Rabbits little helper

T.H counting down...

invited guest - John Bemerstam

You can find more of John's work here