27 May 2009


Photo: Henrik Isaksson

Photo: Chricel E. Portela

25 May 2009

invited guest: Ewa Waszkiewicz

The photographs presented here are the effect of my wandering around the city. It is the form that captures my attention and that attracts me so much. I am looking for pieces of space which may seem unnoticeable at first sight, but when they are captured and closed in the frame they come into prominence and create the photo. The works are made in black and white, just to emphasize and extract the beauty and simplicity of the forms, grayscale and shadows.

I make pictures, because I simply like it I make it for few years already, mainly BW analogue. My attention is attracted from one side urban spaces, and from the other – “travelling photography”. I mean not just distant places' exploration but also this what happens behind the baulk, around - on Polish courtyard.

invited by Marcin

22 May 2009

19 May 2009


...Sitting here wishing on a cement floor

Just wishing that I had just something you wore
Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe it on your dress and send it to me

18 May 2009

13 May 2009

10 May 2009

Woman, found in Uppsala, 2009



Stefan Bladh was born 1976 in Örebro, and he lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stefan has been working as a professional photographer since 2002. He works mainly on his own projects, and travels constantly in eastern Europe and middle Asia. Stefan has been following and documenting a nomadic family around Anatolia for seven years and now releasing his first photographic book about their life. Beside that Stefan has been working with a project called "Eclipse" from the Black Sea region, a project still in progress.

In january 2009 he was invited to participate in an artist residence by Atelier de visu in Marseille."

The attached photos are from the project "Eclipse" - a personal story from the Black Sea region. A state of mind and a reflection of an area where the dark history still is present.

Se more at: www.stefanbladh.se