03 January 2007

Going to Berlin pt. 3

I bet you're bored by my Berlin now so these are my last five for now.
Next time I'll take you some place else.

invitation to my show: the pleasant streets

I’d like to invite all of you (who can) to my solo exhibition The pleasant streets.
It will open Saturday, the 6th January at 7 p.m. in Migawka Café (ul. Nowogrodzka 22, Warsaw, Poland).The exhibition shall last until 25th January. In the opening night only there would be presented 3 slideshows with music, which possibly fill up the picture of the Italian and Polish streets.
Curator: Malwina de Bradé

The exhibited pictures are made in the crossprocessing technique. The contrast and the color which appear, make a new sense and dimension of the pictures. The daily look of the streets changes, they becomes more pleasant and attractive. The Italian and German streets are absolutely opposite. The ones are wide and clean, people are rushing to their work. The other are much older, trim differently and the daily life slows down. The streets of Poland are somewhere in the middle of the Italian and German type. And the color makes them all unreal.

caltagirone / sicilia / .it / 06

sometimes, just sometimes...

many years ago,
but still
I feel like you Tilda

just wanna hide
behind my hands, it is enough

anyway, I wonder
who dare, I dare,
meet your eyes

Helena Nilsson joins Gruppo F

Gruppo F is glad to welcome another woman devoted to
the art of photography. Her name is Helena Nilsson.
Things are moving on the F blog!

"Photography is pure passion to me, nothing I do
professionally, just
something I have to do to survive...
like breathing or something. I´ve always
created in
some way...and even at an early age I wanted to become
artist...but when my dad discovered smudged oil paint
everywhere in the
house he forbid me to make my
"masterpieces". Just as good...I don´t think I had what it
took...most of all real talant or patience.

Then I discovered
photography...I remember the moment
when I first laid my hands on a
camera...I was so hooked!
There´s something so immediate with taking a
it allows me to express myself in a way I´ve never felt
...it´s addictive!!!!

So here I am at the F Blog...an exposed addict:)"
/Helena Nilsson

Gruppo F inbox: Love is hard

What can I say.
You'll just have to keep on trying.

©Joakim Ahnfelt