05 August 2009

Chris Boyne - Shore Drive

Shore Drive inventories the small bits of information that accompany some of my prized memories. The memories themselves are not necessarily portrayed because it is the details that are of interest to me. These details are typically obscure and inaccurate. They are representational and not factual. Sometimes they have become all there is because their value has surpassed that of the memories they support. They then become statements about me.

Photos and text: Chris Boyne
Invited by Jan Buse


LUC RABAEY said...

Although the personal value to the photographer, it raises above and become a universonal questioning. Il like the idea and the appearance of the photographs even support the idea. Super.

Chris said...

I love this, the small fragments that builds a life. The Boat, and that dragster (I think I had one of those myself). Small small things that tells the story, and do it so very well.