14 April 2008

Postcard from Simrishamn


photo by Kamila Kulik

postcard from Warsaw

photo by Szymon Kochański

Docu 08 - Side scenes

Almost all of what´s left of the great shipyard at Eriksberg in Gothenburg, is the big old gantrycrane. The whole area where the shipyard once used to be, is undergoing a radical transformation: from heavy industry, too a kind of recreational-, and living area, with “City Golf”, health clubs, sushi bars, a “Science Park”, and designer apartments. About 70 000 people will live and work in this new community when all is done.

Here in “one of the most attractive residential areas in Gothenburg” there are some remains of older periods, picturesque monuments like a lighthouse, an anchor, an old boat, cranes, and that big old gantrycrane. These things that used to a have a real function are now merely decorations, or side scenes.

Text and photos: Jan Buse