31 August 2007

Martin Parr, photographs 1971-2000 opening tomorrow in Stockholm

The F blog met Martin Parr today and we also had a look at his exhibition
opening tomorrow at 11 00 AM. It will be on at Kulturhuset, Stockholm until
6 January 2008 (gallery 3, third floor). So you will have plenty of opportunities
to explore his work. It´s highly recommended. Stay tuned to the F blog for
more about this great photographer. /urbano

Martin Parr. Pictures by Jeanette Hägglund

The Acropolis, Athens from "Small World"

© Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

postcard from Oslo

27 August 2007

my only dog picture

Tom Hunter gives his view on photography

Tom Hunter: Up before the Beak Angry Swan guards Bridge after Crash,
2003. ©Tom Hunter and Courtesy Jay Jopling/White Cube (London)

"My relation to the history of photography as an art form". That is what
Tom Hunter will talk about at Kulturhuset, Stockholm on Tuesday
4 September 18 00 hrs (Studio 3). It has been said about Hunter that his
inspiration as a photographer comes from among others Henry Peach
Robinson. Whether true or not, this could be interesting. Will we hear
about the outlooks for pictorialism in the 21th century? Well, the only
way to find out is to be there listening to his lecture.


picture by Ulla Larsson

pies w Ustce (perro en Ustka)

26 August 2007

25 August 2007

Metrograd is not far away

One hour away from Stockholm or just around the corner if you are in Uppsala.
Go and see Markus Andersson of Gruppo F exhibiting his excellent Metrograd
Opening Saturday, 8 september, 18 00 - 22 00
Övre Slottsgatan 14, Uppsala.
(for a closer look at the poster just click on it)

23 August 2007

Simon the cartoonist

A little bit of that old black and white for Jeanne

22 August 2007

invited guest: Damien Brailly (In between)

In between
Urban spaces. Blurred, scattered, incoherent. From really dense areas to forgotten and deserted ones. Transportation centres and chaotic suburbs. This is what Warsaw looks like in through the lens of Damien Brailly’s camera. Born in 1980, this sociology graduate decided to leave his hometown – Lyon – and move to Poland, where he currently studies photography. (from Transphotography press)

Damien Brailly: My half-documentary project poses questions about these border spaces « in-between » which we so often overlook, as well as about our mental representations of Warsaw – a city bearing painful stigmata of history and yet still searching for its identity as one of the big capitals of Europe.

"In between" by Damien Brailly is now being presented during the TRANSPHOTOGRAFIA/TRANSPHOTOGRAPHY festival in Gdynia. http://www.transfotografia.com/

invited by Joanna Kinowska

postcard from Greece

21 August 2007

Mozart Tangle

© Jeanne Wells

Things that are super tough...

...although they´re not really

"We´re one fork short!"
" Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

(Having to do the dishes in order to be able to eat)

artwork by Jojo Falk
for more have a look here

20 August 2007

Mozart tango

Pictures by our friend Guyla Fazakas, Hungary

Invited guest: Tomas Zackarias Westberg

Photographer: Tomas Zackarias Westberg
Check out his Blog (in Swedish). The blog is called "Tyst, jag tänker!"
(Shut up, I´m thinking!). It´s great.
(invited by ulf fågelhammar)

18 August 2007

Gruppo F inbox - Jan Buse

Jan helps us greet autumn with theese lovely images

15 August 2007