22 August 2007

invited guest: Damien Brailly (In between)

In between
Urban spaces. Blurred, scattered, incoherent. From really dense areas to forgotten and deserted ones. Transportation centres and chaotic suburbs. This is what Warsaw looks like in through the lens of Damien Brailly’s camera. Born in 1980, this sociology graduate decided to leave his hometown – Lyon – and move to Poland, where he currently studies photography. (from Transphotography press)

Damien Brailly: My half-documentary project poses questions about these border spaces « in-between » which we so often overlook, as well as about our mental representations of Warsaw – a city bearing painful stigmata of history and yet still searching for its identity as one of the big capitals of Europe.

"In between" by Damien Brailly is now being presented during the TRANSPHOTOGRAFIA/TRANSPHOTOGRAPHY festival in Gdynia. http://www.transfotografia.com/

invited by Joanna Kinowska


iggi said...

amazing and beauty :P

george lechat said...

You might like a book I finished not long ago. It presents a very interesting picture of Warsaw, although, being there yourself, you may see it differently. It's called Nine, by Andrzej Stasiuk. Anyway, nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love these photos. Sort of a centered periphery.

marcin said...

home sweet home

Kepes Jozsef said...

great pics