23 May 2007

Halo!gen in Gliwice

Gliwice still goes strong :) on the cultural map of this city appears new place - Fabryka Drutu (Wire Factory). This 150 years old factory will be since this Friday utilized for art, and what’s most important for us - for Photography.
The opening will be impactful and unforgettable for our city - its activity will be inaugurated by the festival Halo!gen, which will join photography with cinema and music. Two days of movie shows, two days of concerts and two great exhibitions of Photography.
The exhibitions:

Poland Now - cult project created by Krzysztof Miękus, photographer and chief editor of Polish magazine Pozytyw; project originally presented at Yours Gallery in Warsaw. Carefully selected pictures of best Polish photographers make one big picture (that is what we love in F blog) of Poland after 1989. This is simple but unique idea - subjective descriptions of pieces of Polish reality seen by individual artists was brightly assembled to make an universal cliché of our life now and here.
There will be presented works of Rafał Milach, Ula Tarasiewicz, Igor Omulecki, Szymon Rogiński, Łukasz Trzciński, Jacek Poremba (guest of F blog), Kuba Dąbrowski and many others.

©Rafał Milach, Julinek, 8 September 2005

Young Russia - huge exhibition of born in Gliwice Rafał Milach. Project documenting life of young generations of Russians - from life of prisoners at prison somewhere in the end of the world, thru life of regular people to the life of highest class. Very intelligent, critical document with a certain dose of specific sense of humor. In Russian mirror we may see ourselves, no matter where we live. This exhibition was also previously presented at Yours Gallery.

Both of the exhibitions are strongly recommended by Polish branch of F blog.

Festival is thought and organized aside administrative bodies, with souls, minds and hands of young people grouped in five associations:
Stowarzyszenie Animatorów Wszechstronnego Rozwoju Młodzieży
Stowarzyszenie Silesia Nostra
Stowarzyszenie Dwunasta Dziesięć
Stowarzyszenie Provizorca
Stowarzyszenie Krzyk
Grupa Założycielska PLANTACJA SZTUKI (responsible for photographic part)

Gliwice House of Photography provided some hands to the photographic part.

What: Halo!gen Festival, opening
Exhibitions Poland Now and Young Russia (Rafał Milach)

When: Friday, May 25th 6 - 9 PM

Where: Fabryka Drutu, Dubois 22, Gliwice

Why: To see some bright selection of fine documental photography, see yourself in the mirror, assist to the birth of new quality or just feel fancy for an evening!

Mr Flower Power 300 years

idé och montage: Full Tank

It´s not ABBA, Björn Borg or Ingmar Bergman. No, this is the greatest
Swedish celebrity of all times Carl Linnaeus (known as Carl von Linné in
Sweden). Right now there are events all over the country celebrating his
birthday (he was born in 1707).

© Uppsala universitetsbibliotek. Photographer Owe Wennman

Carl Linneaus was a scientist, botanist, zoologist, geologist and also a
skilled doctor,
health worker and philosopher. He was a great man.
Read more about him at www.linnaeus2007.se (also in English, German and