12 February 2007

Invited guest: Jacek Poremba

I'd like to present you some works by one of the most important photographers in Poland. In 2001 during his journey to Sudan Jacek Poremba started his author's projects. Although it require a lot of travelling, he successfully managed to reconcile artistic photography with commercial work. The photographs shows a characteristic Poremba style, no matter if he's working on his artistic "personal" project or commercial one.
Here are some chosen photographs from Sudan - his most interesting author's series.
© Jacek Poremba
As a professional photographer he has been working since 1990. Poremba specializes in fashion, portraits and advertising photography. He has worked for the most important Polish magazines. He's also an author of many CD cover-projects and posters for the Polish National Opera.
He's an author of many individual exhibitions in the most important Polish galleries for example Centre for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle and in renomous Photokina in Koln, Germany.
Portfolio and information
Jacek is one of the five photographers who found the Gallery 65

Invited by Joanna Kinowska
Don't change your monitor's settings, just come back later when it's dark outside.


marcin said...

I am happy to see works of one of most important Polish photographer, more - one of my favourite photographers. Even more, because it would be also my favourite selection of your work. It's an honour to host you.

Anonymous said...


ulf said...

I am truly impressed by your work Jacek, pictures that connect immediatly to me (body and soul, heart and mind)
Thanks for being here with us!

jeanne said...

so beautiful, so very very dark and beautiful. You give me hope that reality can be shown as poetry.


F said...

Great too see such image poetry!

Truly inspirational!


j. s-g. said...

Wonderful darkness here. The greyness of the photos are not the usual dull greyness often found, but a very inspiring greyness. Well, I can't explain. But I like it!

j. s-g. said...

I'm terribly fond of the tree pictures.