12 February 2007

A jockey is all I want to be.

And finally, OH MY MASTER,
when my useful strength is gone,
do not turn me out to starve or freeze,
or sell me to some cruel owner,
to be slowly tortured and starved to death;

but do thou, My Master, take my life in the kindest ways,
and your God will reward you here and hereafter.

You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this
in the name of HIM who was born in a stable.



O.G. said...

Yes Mr McKinley, you are slowly earning some points in the book
to be used on Dooms Day! More of this and salvation is near.

Ola Grävling

Jeanne said...

Holy! This may well be a dream worth getting of bed for, Little Panda. You get to wear great clothes, too . . .

F said...

Damn, that uppermost will haunt me tonight!

Great stuff Little Panda!