27 August 2008

Invited guest: Piotr Koszczyński

Piotr Koszczyński: I'm a fan of photgoraphy. Like to watch black and white photos, sometimes also to ramble around the city by myself with a camera. My favourite photographer is Elliot Erwitt. His pictures are telling so lyrical and equisite stories. My pictures are made on chromes, maybe because I'm amazed by lights like in the theater and density of colours in this material. I like analog technic because of it's manual pulling of shutter, the smell of grease. I like to put a film into the analog camera. Like the ring of shutter, the sound of film passing and "click" of the measuring the diaphragm... I like to roam through the city, to observe people, to get in their worlds. I like to see the negatives, to watch the slide on the enlarger, like to touch and watch the pictures developed on the bromine's papers.
I definitely dislike pictures made by digital cameras and the cameras itself. I can't find all this magic of photography in digital technics. I like this photographic process and it's final outcome - the image. I like watching exhibitions, but dislike openings.

invited by joanna kinowska

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Happy Birthday Christian!
/Nenne Gulden

Happy Birthday Christian!

photo: Jeanne Wells

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