12 April 2008


Photo: Jan Berhardtz

Face to face (118)

Photo: Rhonda Prince

invited guest: Evgeni Neduv

Nitescapes, New York City
As the boiling summer explodes in New York City, downtown takes upon a grotesque dimension reminiscent of Dickensian world. At night syrupy air acts like a photo developer and makes a bizarre pattern of cracks that emerge amid melting asphalt.

Piles of omnipresent garbage bags and other waste surround dingy buildings and welcome droves of rats. Eternal construction seems to bring even more confusion to the pattern of deterioration that prevails. In the light of murky lanterns sculptures made up of thrown out objects live a peculiar sort of life under graffiti covered walls.

Evgeni Neduv was born in Odessa, former Soviet Union, where he lived until he was 17 years old. He has been taking photos since childhood and learned to develop prints as a teenager. Based in New York City since 1992, Evgeni has also lived in Moscow, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. He has traveled extensively throughout Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Evgeni photographs street life and is also interested in studio portraiture.

Evgeni Neduv

This series from New York, summer 2006
. taken with Contax 35mm camera, are toned silver gelatin prints.
Evgeni still develops and prints his own photographs. For more of Evgeni Neduv´s work have a look at www.eneduv.com / invited by ulf fågelhammar

Fundao, Pt