02 December 2006

cIndy Center

A Podcast dedicated to Creators of Contemporary & Independent art.
The podcast is released every Tuesday morning. Subscription is free, and will enable you to ensure that you will have something fun to listen to on your way to work.
Alec Soth for example, who was recently invited to the F blog, was interviewed by cIndy Center. It's recommended that you download the files first, they are large! Listen to Alec's interview with cIndyCenter.com.

invited guest: Staszek Heyda

I am honoured to show on F blog Staszek Heyda - one of most promissing young photographers in Poland.
Staszek is very modest and didn't allow me to tell much more that what he wrote below:

[born 1983] Student of Creative Photography Institute in Opava (Czech Republic) - 3rd year. His been taking pictures for 6 years. Works and lives in Gliwice (Poland)

Staszek agreed to show his very personal, touching series:

"So Close"

My family is the main subject of my pictures. At the center there is my grandfather, accompanied by us in his good and bad days of senility. My mother, with the help from he rest of household members, looked after him. We had witnessed how this slowly dying man started to dominate the life of out house. We tried to make possible to our grandfather to die with dignity, among relatives. I witnessed it with my camera. I tried to get with my camera as close as possible to these important moments, which became a document from my family life. My grandfather died on January 24th, 2006 at 91.

all photos © by Staszek Heyda
invited by Marcin Górski

silesian songs

entrance to Upper Silesia B&W magic world


for no particular reason...
Photos by: christofer grandin

Art of the photogravure

Browsing this site I found many photos from Camera Work. It´s indeed
worth a visit.
From the "About" section I quote:
"This website celebrates the beauty and history of the photogravure process
and the important role it has played in shaping the history of photography."

Art of the photogravure - the blog