22 November 2010

Straight Story

camera: sx-70
film: polaroid 600 expired

Photographer: Attila
Floszmann, Hungary

21 November 2010

19 November 2010

Needful Peace

part I / Vilnius 2010 by Dominik Miklaszewski

A park bench.

A park bench is such a popular photographic topic. Show me yours?!

Dan Isaac Wallin

In the creative aspect of his work, Dan Isaac Wallin has a love of Polaroid. He prefers to work with a simple SX-70 or Polaroid 180, using long expired Polaroid film. Wallin gently and carefully treats and mistreats the Polaroid film while it is developing, until he gets the soft ‘other-world’ look, that is the signature style of his work.

This series will show mainly outdoor motifs from the Swedish countryside. The colours and expressions change with the seasons, and behind these beautiful images there rests a serious, calm and poetic sensitivity.

Wallin presents journeys from the places of childhood. His memories become dreamlike sequences; from the blue of Bohuslän to the black and white of Israel. Mystery cuts through the nostalgic imagery and awakens questions within the viewer.

Links: Dan Isaac Wallin.

Invited by Anders Blomqvist

14 November 2010


Daniel Sahlberg Photography 2010 ©.

The city of Toronto. I feel favoured to walk these streets. The people, the architecture, the smell, the taste; the life.

I was in Toronto first time in 2007. First days, I remember wanting to go home so bad. It was late October and was raining sideways. But then after a few days, I never wanted to leave.

I was traveling together with a very dedicated Creative Director, on commission for the Swedish Absolut Vodka Company. It was full schedule. The only day off, I went to the Andy Warhol Art Show; Stars, Deaths, and Disasters. Curator; David Cronenberg (film director). I remember standing there, at the Art Gallery of Ontario (this is Frank Gehry building today) listening to Dennis Hopper’s thoughts about Andy Warhol’s relation to Jackie Kennedy – That, he actually wanted to be her.

I got inspired by all this creativity and wanted to depict the city. But I did not have the time, I had to catch a flight the next day. Nevertheless, two years later I had the opportunity to go back to see a friend. /…/

Finally, this is TORONTO.

Daniel Sahlberg

Links: Daniel Sahlberg Photography, Daniel previusly on the F-blog >>.

Invited by Anders Blomqvist

11 November 2010

photo: Mindaugas Azusilis

A Ghost I Became

Photo: Florian Fritsch

Inspired by the tune A Ghost I Became by Richmond Fontaine.


07 November 2010

Dance Me

from 2004 -- Inspired by leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love

05 November 2010

Fast Car

I just received a mail from Lina, asking for pics related to music. Well, I thougt that it would be a good theme here on the F blog too.

So, please send your pics to us and label them music and provide a link to the tune!

These images are inspired by the Tracy Chapman song Fast Car

02 November 2010

Revisit Rewind

I'm working on an exhibition and a photobook called Revisit Rewind along with another photographer, a poet and a musician. The book and exhibition is scheduled for feb 5th 2011 but here's a sneak preview:

Revisit Rewind

Gruppo F inbox: Fredrik Skott