05 November 2006

On the run

Photo: Mats Äleklint

butterfly house

photo: Jeanne Wells

This may be where the butterfly man lives . . .


photo: Markus Andersson

Concret and reflective

In the dark special friend, number one friend!

Abdominal Pleasures (American Homes)

photo: abeku
This photographs was taken when I was visiting my brother in St. Paul, Minnesota. We were just about to clean his apartment and hand in the keys, so the the flat was a bit messy. Before it was too tidy, I thought I better take a photo or two of the interior. Today, I'm quite pleased I did.
Darn, I miss the pleasant Twin Cities!

Formula F

Not even two months have passed since it was set up and The F Blog is already becoming an addiction to many people. It´s a place where you will find good photography around the clock, invited guests like Gerry Johansson, Diego Levy, Michael Kenna, Joy Goldkind, Alec Soth, Joanna Kinowska and many other top photograhers.

The F people also invites completely unknown, but equally talented
photographers from around the planet. This blog is absolutely unpredictable. There is no editor, there are seventeen of them! To me they are like a bunch of 21st century Dadaists, without being aware of it. And certainly not recognizing it.

By the way; the letter F originally probably represented either a "hook" or a "club". In photography, f denotes the focal length or the f-number.
- Nenne Gulden

Wildflower Seeds in Fading Ashes

time vehicle

F blog changes sometimes into vehicle travelling in time.  It's wonderful to have a chance of taking a look on life that has already passed. But sometimes willing to have travel in time, instead of watching old pictures, we can take a walk on neighbouring streets...

Guest: Kita McIntosh

It is hard to write an introduction to Kita…
Her style is so full of idéas, life and perhaps most of all joy over life…

But Picasso once called Dalí "an outboard motor that´s always running." I think that is a quote that's accurate for Kita too...

In her own words:

Well...Chris said I can say anything, even wax lyrical about my knitting techniques...indeed ..actually...knitting can be very creative.

What I did was, I knitted Antony, my hermaphrodite doll. (after my fave singer) . Antony has a bag across his shoulder (as the real Antony always wears). Content: a pair of tits, a knitted dick and a knitted fanny. I just wanted to give Antony the..choice... Life is about choices isnt it? Well it should be. AH but wait for it! The thing is, I created Antony so that then I could shoot him, you see. With my cameras that is. And THAT is the connection with photography, as this is a photo place, after all. See? There was a logic..

I also knitted Ariosto and took shots of him posing among a herd of cows. As Chris says, bovines are extremely photogenic, especially if there is an Ariosto among them. Ariosto is striped, 2 ply wool, in case you are interested. Needles size 3 and a half, if I recall correctly.

I once hang a fork from a washing line and called it "the suicidal fork".

That,s me really, in a hazelnut shell (a walnut would be too pompous). Art? Dont know nothing about art. I am a doodler...take a piece of paper, a pencil and shut my eyes, and let my 3 cells guide my hand....it works! For me anyway....

Ps..or was it 4 ply wool?

Ps2: born in Italy. Ancient (53). Living in paradise (Highlands of Scotland). Hobbies: knitting....

You can find more of Kita here. Invited by Christofer Grandin.