02 March 2008

Die Zeite vergehen - Ihre Photos bleiben

Photo: Walter Neiger

Shop Window, Oaxaca Mexico, 2007

Photo: Owen O'Meara

mini project: shopwindows

15, rue Maître-Albert
Date: 1912
photographer: Eugène Atget (1857–1927)

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Avenue des Gobelins
Date: 1927
Photographer Eugène Atget (1857–1927)
Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

My first thought of a mini project was actually this one: shopwindows. There was one man that I had in mind: Eugène Atget. This humble man was working hard every day documenting Paris, unnoticed and unknown. Atget made thousands of pictures, many of them are lost forever. Thanks to Man Ray and others he was rediscovered. Among the work that has been saved to future generations is a self-assigned survey of storefronts, shopwindows and commercial signs. You see a couple of those images here.

So in this era of assignments. What do you think about being assigned by the F blog and make a survey in the spirit of the master Atgèt? But, what´s in it for you? Well, as you know we are a non commercial blog, so we can´t offer you money, not even any medals. But perhaps you will do it - just for the love of photography. Just like Eugène.

Please send your contributions to the gruppo F inbox address. See "Contact".

Stay tuned to F - the
self-assigned channel. We are there for Photography.

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Photo: Walter Neiger

Face to face (89)

Photo: Bengt Björkbom