01 December 2008

polaroid inbox: polaroid, interiors, ghosts and little bears.

Oscar watching over Asia.

Two warm hearts
beating as one.

Late Afternoon
The Pink Room
Riga, Latvia


The old house was
cracking its jaws
and floorboards.

Late Afternoon
Front Parlor
Abandoned House
Someplace in Belgium

All photographs © Stefan Lorenzutti.

Artur Alan Willman /invited guest&young photographer/

CWKS Legia is the Polish military sports' club and was founded in 1916. It experienced its zenith in the mid twentieth century. To this day, the club's members account for half the Olympic medals and a third of the world championships won by Poland. Today the club has only its history, name, logo and debts and its athletes prepare for Olympics in crumbling forts.

Artur Alan Willmann (born 1984) is a graduate of the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Currently, he is studying Photography at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Poznań. He has taken part in group exhibitions, made several solo shows, won a number of prizes in photographic contests and has had a huge amount of film developed. His main topics were black&white reportage photography, portraits in lithum developer and creative photography. Nowadays his attention is more drawn towards documentary photography in a wider sense. Artur Alan Willmann was already our invited guest.
invited by joanna



Yesterday me and Fredrik met up with Camilla and Thomas from the Agitera Image Group (...and baking society) for some glögg and lussekatter. They brought this marvelous lussekatt as a gift to the FBlog and it's readers. Enjoy!

By the way, does anyone out there know of some way to preserve pastry? I'd love to keep this one. /markus a