08 September 2008

Urbano's next project

FRA kindly provided us with some qualified material today about Urbano's next project. It appears that he has already prepared an exhibition of selected artists at his own place "Urbano - the house of photographic values". On the internet, well regarded critiques are already making comparisons to Stieglitz's famous gallery 291.

Face to Face (192)

Photograph by : Chricel E. Portela

For Ulf

For Ulf


Don't miss this exhibition. And check out the review of Thomas H Johnsson's book En blues från Landskrona on the F blog and/or stay tuned to the F blog for more of his photographs.

- f skott


Photographer: Andre Lindholm

Face to Face

Photo: Alek Lindus

uncomfortable holiday

photographer: paolo saccheri

equipment: szabad 8x10", rodenstock imagon 360mm & adox ortho 25.