08 September 2008

Urbano's next project

FRA kindly provided us with some qualified material today about Urbano's next project. It appears that he has already prepared an exhibition of selected artists at his own place "Urbano - the house of photographic values". On the internet, well regarded critiques are already making comparisons to Stieglitz's famous gallery 291.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is dangerous news! Our plans for world domination might fall into pieces if this devious plan is not stopped immediately...

Hmm, we need to find a evil plan to stop such endeavours! Well, maybe if we replace the stopper liquids with enlarger liquids instead, the photos will grow and grow and fill up the whole saloon with gigantic enlargements, and the guests will be drowning in the fantastic output, and muahawaahawaa.

It is evil.
-Dr Wett

stina said...

so many pictures, wow