31 March 2007

A D Ad (02)

Nine faces of Hilma Luntinen

The Finnish picture magazine "Suomen Kuvalehti" announced an expressions
competition in 1921. The search was for the person who ‘could pull the ugliest
or strangest face’.
Read about this fascinating stuff here
I was actually looking for the pictoralist Oscar Gustav Rejlander and his pictures
from Darwin´s book "The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals".
Will return to them some other spring.

Item #91 from HDK Gallery

With the kind permission of Happy Dale Krankenhaus Gallery I am
able to show one of the gallery´s most important holdings; item#91.
The information about the
picture says:

Author: Gregory B.
40x50 cm
Silver gelatine print
processed in Rohypnol and Thunder Honey
fixed by Franz.

This is the best picture I have seen in many days.
As far as I can recall only "Trams in Amsterdam" is better.
/Boris K.

Chronische Obstipation nearly ruined my life

Then I found the wisdom of Doctor F. Thank you Dr F!!!

Dr F explains: Chronische Obstipation

Chronische Obstipation
Von chronischer Obstipation spricht man, wenn

- über mehr als drei Monate der Stuhlgang regelmäßig vier Tage ausbleibt
- starkes Pressen erforderlich ist
- ein Gefühl der unvollständigen Darmentleerung bestehen bleibt