31 March 2007

Item #91 from HDK Gallery

With the kind permission of Happy Dale Krankenhaus Gallery I am
able to show one of the gallery´s most important holdings; item#91.
The information about the
picture says:

Author: Gregory B.
40x50 cm
Silver gelatine print
processed in Rohypnol and Thunder Honey
fixed by Franz.

This is the best picture I have seen in many days.
As far as I can recall only "Trams in Amsterdam" is better.
/Boris K.


Anonymous said...

Boris was always such a good boy, until that thing with the knitting needles . . .

Darren said...

The 'Incident of the Knitting Needles' was a terrible affair. Who could have thought he could catapult them so far with an elastic band? Giving him a harpoon gun for his 12th birthday wasn't a good idea either...not surprised the family goldfish went into hiding.