30 October 2008

Darren Hepburn joins The F Blog

My name is Darren Hepburn. I’m a photographer from Scotland. I’m delighted to join the ‘F Blog’ as an author. I’ve been with the ‘F Blog’ in spirit for some time, occasionally posting images and have enjoyed experiencing many, many fine photographs from around the world.

My first camera was won at Broxburn fairground in 1983...a moment of joy amongst the candyfloss, toffee apples and hot donuts. A good willed teacher showed me a few basics of photography as a child and later, it was becoming published in a school magazine that kept the photography flame flickering. Some years later I had a ‘real’ camera, a 35mm Minolta...it was then that the journey into process and concept began in earnest.

Process: I agree the with the self-taught photographer, David Bailey. Photography can be learned in 6 months. It is not needed to spend 3 or 4 years studying for a degree. A pile of books worked for me, I found it alot more engaging to embark upon a private journey rather than labour over the ‘dry’ workbooks that were dished out when I studied photography at college...I found that I loathed the place and left after 3 weeks! For me, technical knowledge is a ‘means to an end’...a framework in which to make progress towards the final result. My knowledge of ‘process’ is ever expanding, and will continue to do so throught my life. I shoot both film and digital...both have their merits.

Concept: I usually work within a preplanned conceptual ‘framework’, both for individual shots and series. This is worked out beforehand, often late at night over numerous cups of tea. I’m constantly referring to this ‘framework’ whether it be a ‘construction’ within a few square feet on a coffee table or loosely in street photographs. I do shoot intuitively, in which I may be subconsciously motivated by life experiences, some of which include working with psychiatric patients in a secure ward and living in a hostel for the homeless whilst attending an ‘exclusive’ school.

Again, I’m delighted to be a part of the ‘F Blog’...a place where many of my favourite photographers have already made an appearance.