29 September 2008

la settimana italiana / Lunedi - il finale

Andrea Palei

Andrea Palei was born in 1978 in Monteverchi (province of Arezzo). He loves everything concerning photography, uses every possible way to make it: from negatives 35mm till 6x6, through digital and Polaroid.
These days he is absolutely in fond of Polaroid cameras only, his last works are made on this material. These photographs were taken on Polaroid SX-70.
Andrea Palei's pictures on flickr
invited by Joanna Kinowska

Invited guest: James Rajotte showing his series "High school"

"In these images I have attempted not only to show a school, but also to provoke feelings or memories of the anxiety or discomfort that everyone feels when they are in high school."

High school
by James Rajotte

Inkjet prints, 20x20

-invited by Lina Nääs