26 June 2013

New F blog member - Anna Edlund

Photos: Anna Edlund

We are happy to announce that Anna Edlund (Kvarnbyn, Mölndal, Sweden) have accepted our invitation to become a member of the F blog!

Cafe F

24 June 2013

Walking with Jan

While walking the streets of Berlin with Jan Bernhardtz

19 June 2013


Uniforms usually means some serious case.

18 June 2013

12 June 2013


that big!

she's defenitely showing some kind of size. but any idea of what and which?

10 June 2013

Stepping out of the looking glass

It looks like we haven't been anywhere at all!

Not only from a geological point of view...

The absence has been just a flicker, not only from a geological point of view but also from an archaeological. By the way, you can follow the excavation of the city "Nya Lödöse" through my photos on their flickrpage.

Or lay down again?

Gruppo F inbox: M. Agejev

09 June 2013

Morning Story

From a geological point of view, we've never been away...

Cafe Hängmattan

Get up, stand up

Finally some signs of life. Time to get out of the hammock and start posting... :-)

07 June 2013

have a sit and watch...

photographer unknown, Cieplice Slaskie Bad-Warmbrunn 1932

The post would not appear on its own, they need Fbloggers to put them there. Courage!