13 September 2008

invited guest: Kuba Kamiński

Typical situations, typical people,
typical places.
those are Kuba's response for the words describing his photography. It took him a longer while to say those words. Kuba is one of those photographers who rather demonstate their work then talk about it, words come more difficult then making pictures.
It seems that the photography of Kuba is like him, simple stories by simple means closed in simple forms. Serious, framed with mathematic precision pictures.
In the selection which Kuba prepared for us (his off-stream) we may see however different, smiled face of him and the cities he photographs.

Kuba comes from Strzelce Opolskie. His adventure with photography started with cinema workshops, where he learnt measuring the light and framing. Now he studies photography in Wrocław.

more pictures of Kuba you may find at his website >
invited by Marcin Górski