08 October 2006

Taking care of the plants

photo: Hans Åström / abeku

Talking about family photography: I was lucky having an uncle who was fond of taking pictures. Nothing fancy about his equipment, a Zeiss Contina, a light bulb flash and a Kodak Carousel slide projector, simple and reliable gear. I'm very fond of the casual situations he captured once in a while among all the other traditional birthday and christmas photos. Here's my grandfather taking care of the plants. A photo from the late 50's.

Too emotional?

But isn't the problem to separate your own emotions from the subject? Is this a good photo, I haven't got a clue. It means a lot to me personally, but is this just in my own perspective?

How to know whether 'you succeed in creating a photo that transcends the circumstances of its origin' is difficult when the photo touches your self. On the other hand, if the photo doesn't mean anything to you, how can it be a good photo then?


family album

photo: Marcin Górski