30 September 2006

Berenika (invited by abeku)

photo: B Berenika (see actual photo at altphotos.com)

The quality of Berenikas artwork strucked me instantly when I discovered her huge production of artwork at altphotos.com. Each and everyone of the pictures deserves the viewer's attention.

photo: B Berenika (see actual photo at altphotos.com)

To pick a few examples from her portfolio is a challenge. Overall there's a subtle evolution and various themes are seen. To me, there's a surrealistic landscape in pleasant shades of grey, and just like a Tarkovski movie there are scenes of colour that add to the context.

photo: B Berenika (see actual photo at altphotos.com)

The contemplative mood and silence strikes me when I walk around in her world. There's a strong feeling of being in a observer, watching things on few feet distance. I feel comfortable walking around in her world of mystery.

photo: B Berenika (see actual photo at altphotos.com)

I wish Berenika will compile some of her work at a dedicated site in her name. That would be an oasis to go back in order to find inspiration. Most of Berenikas photographic work is available for sale. To buy a print, please contact her at: abigaill@poczta.fm. Invited by Anders Blomqvist.

29 September 2006

Guest: Helena Nilsson

The hours of the night are like rubber bands

Sometimes it hurts so bad

Golden locks

All pictures by Helena Nilsson
See more of her great work here

invited by ulf fågelhammar

Istanbul Puppet Maker

Photo: Christian Wettergren

Proud ambitions

Proud ambitions deserve good pictures. or is it the ambitions becoming visible?
Please look at this:


.: Alligator Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa :.

- How's New York, Buddy?
(Who turned off the color telly, BTW?)
Artwork: Dalina P

All birds must land sometime

Photo: Mats Äleklint

The picture you didn´t intend to take

Paris 1962
Photographer: Christer Strömholm

"The picture you didn't intend to take is the one you later
are ecstatic about having taken.
The two boys in Paris with
the handbags is an example of what I mean."
- Christer Strömholm

See all pictures from On verra bien on the
official homepage for Christer Strömholm.

The Walk - discussion

Regarding previous published picture.
J. S-g:
I think you overdid the vignetting here, in the sense that it would greatly benefit from more feathering. At least to me, that is.

C Wett:
Hi Joakim,
first of all, I appreciate your honesty, I really do.

Regarding the vignetting, it is interesting to discuss. You are quite right that it is "overdone", if I'm trying to "fake" the analogue equivalent of bad lenses.

Instead, I would say that to me, the effect I added, contributed to the atmosphere of the picture. It added the feeling of a strong winter sun in early springtime... that's it to me.

I have stopped worrying about whether my post processing looks "genuine" or not (i.e. analogue), it is not about that to me. Digital is my medium and my material.

You could see this as developing the copies in a too hot developer, or by having an unexpected elbow pointing in into the composition. Look at the lamps on The Rambler below, do they look genuine? Either it is a failed photo, since it doesn't work - or it makes the difference in positive terms.

Hail to the norm deconstruction. :-)

This was 'about photography' as well. :)
Any more views, Dear F:ers?


It's one of those things that fascinates me: perfection. As does beauty.
We Westerners think they have something to do with stasis, a state
of solidity. But. but but but -- aren't they more about catching things
appearing or disappearing? about imperfection, mistakes, things that
may never come together again?

So much of the difficulty and drag of typical photo sites is that folks
think it's about pointing out the flaws. . . . and that kind of thinking
which equates no flaws with perfection.

So much of any art is about seeing how the flaws bring their own life
to what we make.

This is a deeply flawed photograph, but. but but but . . .

28 September 2006

Christer Strömholm

Gunilla Knape: What do you want to convey with your pictures?
Christer Strömholm: I make images and they are not necessarily photographic pictures. What's important to me is what the picture says. The impression of the picture is what matters. That is even more important than the truth - a photographic truth.

From Strömholms last interview. Autumn 2000.
(Published in the “La Caixa Catalogue” 2001)

Photograph: Jura 1949, Christer Strömholm
(by kind permission of Joakim Strömholm)

In autumn 2002 I went to see the exhibition Christer Strömholm 1918 – 2002. On verra bien at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. I was strongly impressed by seeing this great collection of Strömholms work. To me he is one of the true masters.


Official homepage of CHrister Strömholm
Anders Marners article: "Christer Strömholm and First-Person Surrealism (PDF)

The Walk

Photo: Christian Wettergren

Guest: Rhonda Prince

Running in place

chairs: the ultimate in function and utility...ergonomically designed for dignified or common use...gateway to reflection...task or easy, hard or soft... offering relaxation and repose, a place to escape, a seat in time and space...where we sit and wait for life to unfold ...or when we can wait no longer it is where we spring to action from...

Photographer: Rhonda Prince
More pictures by Rhonda
invited by ulf fågelhammar

27 September 2006


The sun shines high above
The sounds of laughter
The birds swoop down upon
The crosses of old grey churches
We say that we're in love
While secretly wishing for rain
Sipping coke and playing games
September's here again

Lyrics: David Sylvian

Photo: Abeku

Photographs from FSA

We will now and then publish a few pictures from
the Farm Security Administration. The Library of
Congress have digitalized more than 160 000 photos
of great interest created by many excellent photographers.

When asking the Library about permission to publish
pictures we received this answer.

As a public institution, the Library does not require
that you receive its permission before using an image,
so the only permission you would need is what may
be required from the copyright owner or donor,
independently of the Library. You will just need to
check the item record for the specific photo of interest
to be certain there are no restrictions listed.
That would be a rare situation for this US government
sponsored collection.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes,
Digital Reference Team
The Library of Congress

We will do some research on every photo that is
published here just to make sure that there are no
restrictions involved.

Here is more about copywrite concerning the collections.


"Bingo." Sarasota trailer park, Sarasota, Florida.
photo: Marion Post Wolcott
Created/published 1941 Jan.
See more from Farm Security Administration

Sörmans - the movie

Living above Sörman's Herrmode, I have turned my camera
towards it many times. I put together a small retrospective
slideshow at YouTube, take a look. (Sörman - the movie)


26 September 2006

Guest: Karin Bengtsson

Stairs by Karin Bengtsson, 2005

See more magic from Karin here
invited by ulf fågelhammar

When At seven

Photo: Per-Arne Andersson

A rather stiff audience

This guy sat alone in a room at Västgöta Nation in Uppsala and played his cello.

photo: markus andersson


Photo: Jeanette Hägglund Polaroidlift-1996


Frail and fragile, we are.
False alarm.
(I knew it the whole time anyway.)

Photo and post-processing: Christian Wettergren

Farm Security Administration

Many of the photographers of this huge project aiming at documenting American life during the Great Depression became famous. Today you can find a treasure of more than 160 000 photographs at the Library of Congress American Memory

The picture above is "The Arnold children and mother on their newly fenced and newly cleared land. Note strawberry plants. Western Washington, Thurston County, Michigan Hill"

Photographer: Dorothea Lange, created/published aug 1939

sheepspotting x2

They are not only sweet and fluffy...they sometimes attack from the behind too...
Photo in the run by: Christofer Grandin

25 September 2006

Only the sky is the limit

Photo: Mats Äleklint

the essence of

I found this symbol on a wall in Lisbon a few years ago.

photo: markus

Guest: Branko Jeric

A great shot about man and geometry.

Photo: Branko Jeric
invited by ulf fågelhammar

24 September 2006

Sad girl by the chocolate fountain

I noticed this girl at a cafe in Dublin. She looked so sad.

photo: Markus Andersson


Photo: Per-Arne Andersson
This morning it was like a game of chess!


Photo: Mats Äleklint

23 September 2006

Most of the time he's the lord of the jungle

Everyone grins while he gripes,
Usually he's found just loungin around
In his Stripes.

His tiger lady's a super fine feline
Just What his Highness deserves,
Sweet purring pussycat
Proud of her pussycat curves.

He's a Tiger in the Rain,
It's the thunder and Lightning he can't explain
The tiger in the Rain, that's frightened.

Caught in the storm,
He came searching for shelter,
Right up to me and my spouse
We both stroked his chin and invited him
in to our house.

(Mikael Franks, Tiger in the Rain)
Photo: Christian Wettergren

Guest: Örjan Fredriksson

This is a picture by Örjan Fredriksson called "Diana and me".
I love it.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

More by Örjan

To be a father

To be a father.
How it has changed in the last two generations.
My father was born in the generation of the space ship.
Or was it the moon landing?
In the distance.

Things do improve.
Although I'm not a father so far,
I can see it in my friends' affection for their children.
It must be so much better to
be a man and father today.

My father has also improved.


Photo: Me and my father, (unknown, Östermalm 1969)
Link: http://www.amazon.com/Stiffed-Betrayal-American-Susan-Faludi/dp/0380720450

homemade everything!

photo: Jeanne Wells

Here's some fun. This is a print made on liquid emulsion
I made myself, developed in two developers I made myself.
I did not make the paper myself though! I like the funky
quality, and since I am not comfortable with photographing
things bigger than my head, it's nice to print them in a
way that makes them feel more like they are my own
than, say, Ansel Adams'.


note: I'm trying to comment on Tom's photo below
(How to be a woodpecker), but cannot. Does anyone have
any idea why? At any rate, Tom, it's a wonderful photograph

regarding minimalism

"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"
Winnie the Pooh
Photo by Christofer Grandin

22 September 2006

Guest: GC

Photo: GC

a world enveloped

in valium haze
tictoc businessmen
stale coffeebreath cellphone chatter
small deals
are cut here
amidst the rustle of newspapers
the zen of waiting
a distant whistle
the flap of disturbed blackbirds
the bell the bell
the bell the bell
my deisel friend
arrives with steely flourish
to take me

- GC

See more photos by GC
invited by ulf fågelhammar


Photo: Christian Wettergren

21 September 2006

To set sail

-- To set sail! To grab the rope and pull the weight!
To make something happen.
And the nabbing feeling - is it worth it?
The rope hurting in your sore palms.
The sail randomly waiving back and forth.
Will the wind be enough? Are we really on the right course?

Suddenly, you feel the Flow. Everything tightens and is aligned.
The ship deck starts to lean. The water dances past the hull.
Happiness spreads in my stomach!

It has passed, the wind is gone for this time.
I want to lay down on the deck in the sun.
Get something soft beneath my head.
The warmth spreading as I rest. The palms aching.

Was it worth it?

20 September 2006

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The news reached me tonight that Sven Nykvist has died.
He was the director of photography on most of Ingmar
Bergman´s films.But he also worked with
Woody Allen and Andrej Tarkovskij and many others.

Films like The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Sleepless in Seattle,
Såsom i en spegel (Through a Glass Darkly), and Offret
(The Sacrifice) all bear the mark of Nykvist´s masterful handling
of the light.

There is a book by Nykvist and Bengt Forslund called
In Reverence of Light. The title tells us what Nykvist´s work
was all about. He was a great man.


He was one of the greatest photographers ever. Through movies like, "Through a Glass Darkly", "Persona", "Autumn Sonata", "Fanny & Alexander" and "The sacrifice", I was inspired to pick up photography. Later when he worked with Kaufman and Allen, that served as another boost of inspiration.

Please, have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sven_Nykvist

- Abeku

O meu Portugal

I would like to invite everybody who will be in Portugal,
around Covilha on September 28th.
I will talk about the way
how I see Portugal, and how I see photography, let's call it
"slow photography".
But most of all I will show a selection
of my pictures I made in Portugal since 1999.

The lecture is organized by Faculty of Fine Arts, Department
of Photography of Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal.

Many thanks to prof. Frederico Lopes.


Photo: Marcin Górski

17 September 2006

F and others are invited to concerts

I was asked by gruppo F:s propaganda minister, to inform you of two concerts that I´m participating in. The first is thursday 28/11, with the Fredrik Nordström Virtual Imagination Big Band.

Check out http://www.fredriknordstrom.com

And the second is with the Alberto Pinton Quintet, Monday 2/10
Alberto Pinton-Woodwind
Mats Äleklint-Trombone
Mattias Ståhl-Vibraphone
Torbjörn Zetterberg-Bass
Kjell Nordesson-Drums

Check out http://www.albertopinton.com

Both concerts 20.00 at jazzclub Fasching, Kungsgatan 63, Stockholm!

I think I will be able to put some F-members on the guestlist.
Would be nice to see some of you guys there, and I think there will be some opportunities to get some good photos too.. :)


Photo: Mats Äleklint

Gunnar Smoliansky

Today some of us had the opportunity to see Smolianskys classic
pictures from Slussen exposed at the City Museum, Stockholms
Stadsmuseum. We also had a chat with this great photographer.
Gunnar we love you! You are from now on a permanent Member
of Honor of F.

9 visions 9 photographers

Photo: Mikael Jansson

Absolutely free

Large format photography

Some of the pictures

16 September 2006

Calling All Devoted

- Who are we? Asks Abeku
- A bunch of lonesome heroes, says Urbano

Photo: Anders Blomqvist

12 September 2006

F12 now F17

All the sudden we are now 17. Additional members are Jeanette Hägglund, Christofer Grandin, Joakim Sebring, Fredrik Skott, and Mats Äleklint.

For a closer look at old and new members, please visit: http://abeku.web.surftown.se/f/12f_2.htm

11 September 2006

2006 12 Photograph(er)s

The exhibition "12 Photograph(er)s)" was shown at Gallery Korn in Stockholm during March 4-19.
For complete documentation, please have a look at this link:

2005 Personal Chemistry

The Personal Chemistry event in Eskilstuna 2005 was the first time F invited two photographers outside Sweden to join, i.e. Jeanne Wells (USA) and Marcin Gorski (Poland). In addition, Markus Andersson, Tom Holmlund och Ulf Fågelhammar also exhibited their art work.

External link: