29 September 2006

.: Alligator Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa :.

- How's New York, Buddy?
(Who turned off the color telly, BTW?)
Artwork: Dalina P


F said...

Da Da Da Dalinka DaLinkaPa.

F said...

Well how about that big mouth! Da da da da, yes indeed!


F said...

Eugene left the building and it was invaded by small green alligator monkeees. Take cover dear Fröken Fiffi!

F said...

Paradiso on tha earhtie!!!
Yes Babberiba! I've been adopted by a little fluffy white dog called Sophia...

Photoproof will be comin..

All the best to all of You!
Eugen the Dog Boy/toy

F said...

Adopted by a dog?!!! Eugene, you're out of your mind!
- Abeku