13 May 2007

that´s entertainment

From a series called "That´s Entertainment" by photographer
Patrick Romero, Hollywood.

invited guest: Dorota Wróblewska - Dreamland

Spring just exploded, time of unlimited joy of children started. I see everywhere crazy colors. I thought works of Dorota Wróblewska perfectly illustrate what happens those days. This is how I remember my childhood and this is the way I wish Filip will.
Process of picture making in my case is completely subconscious, I disconnect logic thinking and use free association technique.

Presented project shows my return to light-hearted time of childhood. I used toy camera for its realization.
Student of European Academy of Photography, I like red wine and jazz.

You may find more works of Dorota on her site www.sublimacja.com
invited by Marcin Górski

Forgotten Ponies - a collaboration between Rhonda Prince and GC