03 November 2007

Art for arts sake

Fuck art let´s dance!
Hommage to U. Börjesson
by T.Baberiiba Holmlund


The Road

T o m H o l m l u n d ( for Jeanne)

Helen Levitt exhibition at Foundation HCB, Paris

New York, circa 1940 ©Helen Levitt

New York, 1972 ©Helen Levitt

New York, 1980 - ©Helen Levitt

Until December 23rd, Fondation HCB is showing a rare collection of black & white and colour images made by photographer Helen Levitt in New York and Mexico between the 1930's and 1980's.
It was great to hear about this exhibition, thanks to Mimi Levitt - Helen is in fact her sister in law. So, dear readers of the F Blog, let us meet in Paris in November or December to enjoy this great photographer´s work. Read more about Helen Levitt on the npr(National Public Radio, USA) site, where you also can listen to an interview made by Melissa Block in 2002.

The Foundation Henri Cartier Bresson opened in March 2002:

”Reconnue d’utilité publique par décret du 11 mars 2002, la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson a ouvert au public le 2 mai 2003. Ni musée, ni mausolée, cette institution a pour but avant tout de faire rayonner l’esprit d’Henri Cartier-Bresson. La grande particularité de la Fondation HCB est d’être ouverte aux autres artistes, sculpteurs, peintres, dessinateurs ou cinéastes, photographes anciens, modernes et contemporains dont le travail s’inscrit dans l’esprit défendu par Cartier-Bresson.

Installée dans un élégant atelier d’artistes de Montparnasse construit par Molinié en 1912, primé en 1913 et rénové par le cabinet d’architectes Ceria et Coupel, la Fondation HCB présente tour à tour des oeuvres de Cartier-Bresson ou d’autres artistes, au rythme de trois expositions par an.”
/ from a communiqué by the Foundation

all saints business

All Saints it's the moment in the year in Poland, when all of the nation goes to the cementary to light a candle and think about those who passed away. Magic, nostalgic day with millions of candles, their lights and smell.
Well, it used to be like that...
recently, something obviously changed...

Frida Kahlo portrayed by Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo on white Bench, 1939 - New York, in Nickolas Muray´s studio (photo
copyright by Nickolas Muray / Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, LLC 2004)

Courtesy of Mimi Levitt

Claude Monet and the man from Szeged

I received a very nice email from Mimi Levitt. She is the daughter of
Nickolas Muray, a photographer that I have told you about in some of
my postings to The F Blog. I am glad that this story continues. Mimi sent
me some pictures, this one shows her father with painter Claude Monet.
Mimi Levitt is manager of the Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, LLC.
More about Muray on the F blog:
The Man from Szeged
Nickolas Muray
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