03 November 2007

Claude Monet and the man from Szeged

I received a very nice email from Mimi Levitt. She is the daughter of
Nickolas Muray, a photographer that I have told you about in some of
my postings to The F Blog. I am glad that this story continues. Mimi sent
me some pictures, this one shows her father with painter Claude Monet.
Mimi Levitt is manager of the Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, LLC.
More about Muray on the F blog:
The Man from Szeged
Nickolas Muray
Rediscovered photographs of Frida Kahlo


Anonymous said...

I can´t believe this! Art and photography combined togheter.
I have visited this blog a number of times, but I could never belive that you, Ulf , would actually contact a relative of the great Murray.
And not only that, you now have contact with that relative.
I´m very glad for this pictures of Monet and Frida Kahlo, and I hope that more of his work will be published on the blog!

Anonymous said...

there is a lot more to this story
Frida was a magnet like Stieglitz
was at his gallery 291
and Muray! - well he made about 10 000 portraits of celebrities. Respect! He was a very skilled photographer.
Stay tuned to the blog, for more