08 May 2008

We are such stuff - As dreams are made on

Photo: Emese Altnöder
(title quote from Shakespeare)

Abandoned houses

invited guest: JH Engström (Shelter, part I)

I am proud to once again present JH Engström, one of the most interesting photographers in contemporary Sweden.

This time the photographs are from his first photobook, printed in 1997 and winner of "the photographic book of the year" prize in Sweden. The fascinating book, about homeless woman in Stockholm, was published in two editions, one with the Swedish title Härbärge and another with the title Shelter. Nowadays the book is sold out. If you are lucky to find it used – buy it!

About Shelter Robert Frank has stated:

"JH Engströms photographs are a remarkable
document about women of our time.
These faces – they ask no questions.
Look at the rooms – think about possessions.
These photographs tell me how sad it is.
It is mostly about the courage to survive.
A glimmer of hope despiteit all.
I can see it because the photographer cares."

In the near future two photobooks of JH Engström are to be published; CDG/JHE by Steidl and La Resicence by Journal. Search the F blog for more of JH Engström's photographs or visit his homepage. And please visit the F blog on saturday for part II of his serie Shelter.

Invited by Fredrik Skott

how to not...

Trees (91)

New Mexico
Photo: Eugene Neduv

Boat with a pickle and more

Sometimes there are special moments or a combination of events that lead to a superb photograph - or the opposite. In my case, a combination of recieving a gift of a huge bottle of tequila and making my first attempts at layering in photoshop resulted in some exquistely bad images.

The first image depicts swimming pool noodles layered over swiss cheese. Neither layer seems to be in focus. The image says nothing, is terribly rendered, and is just plain ugly. Appropriately, it is titled "Ick".

The second image, "Boat with Pickle" is a clear indication that the tequila had taken hold. It is clearly meaningless, perhaps mirthful, but definately stupid.

The third image "Rommel was tempted by the Olives" transcends merely bad images by being possibly offensive and truly unpleasant to view. Very, very bad stuff indeed.

Photo, Photoshop editing and text : GC