20 May 2007


© Jeanne Wells

Houdini knew the trick

TITLE: [Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing, facing right, in chains]
CALL NUMBER: McManus-Young Collection [Rare Book RR]
REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division

Gliwice House of Photography: Zbigniew Łagocki "Free conversations about photography"

Gliwice House of Photography invites to the meeting with professor Zbigniew Łagocki titled: Free conversations about photography.

21.05.2007, 18h00
Klub Pracowników Politechniki Śląskiej; ul. Banacha 3, Gliwice

Zbigniew Łagocki (1927)
born in Lviv. Since 1957 member of Union of Polish Art Photographers, since 1973 honorary member of this most important for Polish photography organization. Chair professor of Department of Photography at Cracow Fine Art Academy. Participant of countless exhibitions (i.e. Oslo, Prague, Geneve, Sao Paulo) and awarded by similar number of prices and medals (Niepce medal, Honoraire Excellence FIAP...).
In Poland famous thanks some very important for development of photography in Poland exhibitions: Subjective Photography (1968) and Seeking Photographers (1971).

Conversation with professor will be led by Joanna Kinowska.

picture: Zbigniew Łagocki aerotica (1967)

Viskansparken by Adam Gustafsson

"Viskansparken was a local dance palace and social gathering point for teens
in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Everybody came to dance, socialize and have fun,
and it was a epicentre for the local youth culture.
Bands came from far and
wide to play, and the kids came to listen. But as the years passed, the
in the establishment went downhill. Ironically, in early 1963, the
owner of the park turned down a young,
up-and-coming little British band
who wanted to play there, claiming that they "weren't worth booking".
The band's name? The Beatles."

Pictures and text by Adam Gustafsson

somewhere between dusk and dawn

photo: christofer grandin