20 May 2007

Viskansparken by Adam Gustafsson

"Viskansparken was a local dance palace and social gathering point for teens
in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Everybody came to dance, socialize and have fun,
and it was a epicentre for the local youth culture.
Bands came from far and
wide to play, and the kids came to listen. But as the years passed, the
in the establishment went downhill. Ironically, in early 1963, the
owner of the park turned down a young,
up-and-coming little British band
who wanted to play there, claiming that they "weren't worth booking".
The band's name? The Beatles."

Pictures and text by Adam Gustafsson


Umma said...

Hey Adam! Nice to see your pictures here. They look great!

ulf said...

yep. I like this. Keep up your good work.

F said...

I like this very much, the way you present the story here...


jeanne said...

Nicely seen!

Adam Gustafsson said...

Oh, thanks for those kind words! Glad that you all liked it.