01 May 2007

Staszek Heyda: Białystok - one day

May 1st 2004 was a special day for Poland and 9 other countries of Eastern and Central Europe - first day in European Union. Group of recognised Polish photographers, motivated by Grzegorz Dąbrowski, and supported by several institutions decided to document this first day in EU on BW negatives. Action called "Białystok - one day" was lasting 24 hours. Photographers spent whole day portraiting the people, the city, the atmosphere of this special day - 3 years ago already. Today they say - it was worth to make this document.
I am happy to share with you part of this project, historical pictures made by one of the participants of this event: Staszek Heyda

invited by Marcin Górski

Just because you like it Jeanette

Polish longest ever weekend

Polish longest ever weekend just started, theoreticaly today, but for majority it started last Friday 27.04 and it will end 7.05. Don't you worry, after 7.05 we will start to think about Euro 2012