26 July 2009

Down the Middle


Having dual nationality may affect the way we perceive ourselves, especially if we have been forced to leave the place where we were born and spent our early years. Therefore, a loss of that feeling of belonging can be the result. You don’t completely belong to the country you migrated to but you don’t know if you still belong to the one you where born in either, especially if you spent a long time away from it.

This project explores my life as an Anglo-Mexican capturing the places I lived in Mexico and in England to help me retrace and discover my roots.






Fine art photographer Roxana Allison was born in Manchester, UK (1980) and raised in Mexico City where she lived permanently until 2008. She currently lives and works in Britain. She graduated with a BA Fine Art Degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2004. Since having her first solo exhibition in 2003, she has taken part in several photography group shows in Mexico and the USA. She is currently part of the group show Lost in Transit, held at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, UK where she is exhibiting her latest body of work, Down the Middle, which explores her bicultural roots.

Photos and text: Roxana Allison