01 May 2008

Gothenburg today

Photos: © Jan Buse

A platform to show, to see, to share, to spread...

Photo © Rafael Arocha

Photo © Walter Astrada

Photo © Anna Gasulla

Photo Bipolar is an association of independent photographers that have
come together in order to showcase their documentary photography works, and to allow the public to take a closer look at different social realities from several intimate points of view and artistic perspectives. Photo Bipolar is also a self-managed project created with the goal of promoting photography through diverse, alternative circuits; a way of divulging the discourses of young, talented photographers who work on different themes using a range of visual narratives; a way of exposing these works to the public. Photo Bipolar evolves and grows with every exhibition, becoming a platform to show, to see, to share, to spread...

Photo Bipolar are:Lourdes De Vicente, Luca Tronci, Pablo Rodríguez, Rafael Arocha,Walter Astrada, Tanya Habjouqa, Anna Gasulla, Nico Belillo, Gerda Kochanska, Jukka Onnela

- Rafael Arocha

I think Rafael and this group of photographers are doing an excellent work and I am glad to be able to present a preview from their site Photo Bipolar. Please go and have a look for yourself at this exciting project./ulf

Photo © Jukka Onnela

Photo: © Luca Tronci

Photo: © Nico Belillo

Photo © Lourdes de Vicente

Photo: Pablo Rodriguez

Photo © Tanya Habjouqa

Photo © Gerda Kochanska

Gliwice House of Photography:"My world"-Part 2

“My world, my city”

Authors of photos: Krzysztof Wyszyński, Krzysztof Piszczelok, Damian Cięciek, Marek Skrzypek, Jacek Krzemiński, Henryk Pawełczyk, Janusz Przyklenk, Robert Mioduszewski, Michał Hein, Antoni Klon, Adam Sadlak.

Read more about project here.

invited guest: Cristian Movila

From: Unfinished dreams
© Cristian Movila

From: Gaza - Summer Rain
© Cristian Movila

From: Romania 2007
© Cristian Movila

Cristian Movila was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania. He is a documentary photographer based in New York and Bucharest. During two years he photographed and stayed with children affected by cancer at a hospital in Bucharest. The result is a strong and touching series of photos called "Unfinished dreams". The pictures presented here are from two other groups of pictures "Romania 2007" and "Gaza - Summer Rain". Visit Cristian´s site www.cristanmovila.com to find out more.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

May Day, Beltane, Walpurgis

Here in the US May Day is celebrated by making and giving May Baskets, filled with flowers and candy; by dancing around a May Pole, weaving ribbons over and under the dancers that you pass. These are old old traditions, being lost now, but some of us are continuing to keep them alive.

Brightly burning fires, maypoles, baskets of flowers -- all ways of celebrating Spring's new green, of celebrating having made it through another long dark cold winter . . . .

I'd love to hear what F Blog readers around the world do to celebrate this night and day, and what mythologies and stories contribute to their traditions. Maybe ever a photo or two!

photos: Jeanne Wells