01 May 2008

May Day, Beltane, Walpurgis

Here in the US May Day is celebrated by making and giving May Baskets, filled with flowers and candy; by dancing around a May Pole, weaving ribbons over and under the dancers that you pass. These are old old traditions, being lost now, but some of us are continuing to keep them alive.

Brightly burning fires, maypoles, baskets of flowers -- all ways of celebrating Spring's new green, of celebrating having made it through another long dark cold winter . . . .

I'd love to hear what F Blog readers around the world do to celebrate this night and day, and what mythologies and stories contribute to their traditions. Maybe ever a photo or two!

photos: Jeanne Wells


Rhonda Boocock said...

Ah, May Day...I haven't celebrated it since I was a child...maybe I should. Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rhonda, I think we all do need to remember it! I read this passage earlier and it really struck home:

"The beginning of summer heralds an important time, for the winter is a difficult journey and weariness and disheartenment set in, personally one is tired down to the soul. In times past the food stocks were low; variety was a distant memory. The drab non-color of winter's end perfectly represents the dullness and fatigue that permeates on so many levels to this day. We need Beltane, as the earth needs the sun, for our very Spirit cries out for the renewal of summer jubilation." -- Christina Aubin

Anonymous said...

Really interesting and nice pictures!
- F.

br said...

May 1 festivities! we took little baskets of spring flowers to the elderly. thank you, Jeanne.