01 May 2008

A platform to show, to see, to share, to spread...

Photo © Rafael Arocha

Photo © Walter Astrada

Photo © Anna Gasulla

Photo Bipolar is an association of independent photographers that have
come together in order to showcase their documentary photography works, and to allow the public to take a closer look at different social realities from several intimate points of view and artistic perspectives. Photo Bipolar is also a self-managed project created with the goal of promoting photography through diverse, alternative circuits; a way of divulging the discourses of young, talented photographers who work on different themes using a range of visual narratives; a way of exposing these works to the public. Photo Bipolar evolves and grows with every exhibition, becoming a platform to show, to see, to share, to spread...

Photo Bipolar are:Lourdes De Vicente, Luca Tronci, Pablo Rodríguez, Rafael Arocha,Walter Astrada, Tanya Habjouqa, Anna Gasulla, Nico Belillo, Gerda Kochanska, Jukka Onnela

- Rafael Arocha

I think Rafael and this group of photographers are doing an excellent work and I am glad to be able to present a preview from their site Photo Bipolar. Please go and have a look for yourself at this exciting project./ulf

Photo © Jukka Onnela

Photo: © Luca Tronci

Photo: © Nico Belillo

Photo © Lourdes de Vicente

Photo: Pablo Rodriguez

Photo © Tanya Habjouqa

Photo © Gerda Kochanska


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nice to see this work!! innovative and excellent!

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great stuff